Health Care

Asset Protection
Learn about the 433MHz Active RFID advantage and learn why tracking and locating your valuable healthcare equipment reduces your operational costs and improves the healthcare facility environment.

SafeGuard Staff Duress
Active RFID technology is advancing Staff Duress system safety and reliability for the healthcare industry!   SafeGuard Staff Duress delivers leading-edge communication, multiple advanced location methods, and additional system functionality not previously possible with infrared-based Staff Duress systems commonly used in hospitals and other healthcare environments.  

TotGuard Infant Security
The most secure, flexible, and nurse-friendly infant protection system possible with the best selection of tags of any other infant abduction prevention system in the market today.

Wandering Patient Protection
Families entrust their loved ones in the care of your hospital.  Ensure that your at-risk patients in rehabilitation, brain injury, psychiatric, emergency room, and medical-surgical units are protected using advanced Active RFID technology.  The system allows you to implement powerful yet flexible security policies protecting patients (and equipment) from accidentally wandering off the unit while maintaining full freedom of movement for your staff.

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