Faculty / Classroom Duress
Sielox's CLASS provides realtime classroom status and notification to administrators and authorities through a graphical map, email or text during any critical event.  First Responders can utilize Sielox CLASS to make educated and smart decisions when seconds matter.

Asset Protection
Protect computers and other important assets utilizing AllGuard. The AllGuard platform for Asset Security delivers increased profitability by improving efficiency and by preventing shrinkage associated with misplaced inventory and theft. The platform is based on 433MHz Active RFID technology for superior performance, and comprises a world-class selection of Article/Industrial Tags. Providing Real-time inventory visibility and advanced security, including motion alarms for individual assets, costly losses are eliminated, while its RTLS capability optimizes inventory management and equipment utilization. AllGuard can be integrated with your proprietary asset security software or implemented using AllGuard Asset Tracking software.

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