Wireless Asset Protection Systems, LLC or WAPS, is a technology company focused on providing real time solutions for a broad range of applications.

The core business designs, installs and maintains Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to provide clients with a significant “Return on Investment”. Whether it’s a healthcare, industrial or commercial environment, assets can be tracked and monitored immediately to within a few feet of it’s exact location.  Indoor, Outdoor (Via GPS capabilities with a partnering company), varying tag solutions can accommodate any application and determine it’s location.

The management partners of the company include individuals in the electronics technology business of over 30 years each. This experience allows the company to provide the engineering, implementation and service expertise that has been provided in the field for the previous three decades.

Wireless Asset Protection Systems has technology experts on staff that include “IT” professionals, service & installation technicians and account managers, working in concert together to provide a total and complete solution.

The phase “Return on Investment” is a much used statement. WAPS is careful not to get caught up in just a cliché, but rather welcome the opportunity to prove the immediate benefits our solutions can furnish. If given an opportunity, our team can “upfront” demonstrate the potential “Return on Investment”. Our team is so confident our solutions are obvious, that for potential clients, WAPS will invest in them. Meaning, at no charge to our potential client, WAPS will install a “Proof of Concept” system.   

What this means to the client, is a “Hands On” feeling and real experience of interaction with our technology solution for a tangible and not a conceptual understanding of the value WAPS and our systems can provide.

Over the last few years, Real Time Location Systems or “RTLS” have become much more affordable. Active tags have come down in pricing significantly, battery life is years as opposed to months, antenna coverage’s are greater, wiring requirements are much less and the software programs are powerful but easy to operate. All of these factors contribute to a growing popularity of the installation of these types of systems due to its overall reduction costs.

For a confidential analysis, please call us so we may demonstrate to your organization the value our solutions can provide to your business.


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